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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hiwassee River water schedule

The TVA authority will begin the recreational release schedule for the Hiwassee River this weekend on the 28th. Appalachia powerhouse will start operation of one generator at 10am, two generators at 11am, until at least 7pm. This is the 2011 schedule until labor day weekend.
This is the official kickoff  for our busy season here on the Hiwassee. The water will run 7 days a week until the end of summer and then some through fall. The sulphurs have started to show up on the river, but i still have not spotted any of the heavier hatches. Hopefully a two turbine flow will give us that little extra bump we need to really get the bugs going.

I have been fishing in the lower river on a regular basis doing the warm water gig for bit. I have had a couple of chances on some stripers down there, i just haven't been able to get a good hook in one yet though. I will say that when the water starts running the stripers should move up fast. I'm not sure exactly what to expect as far as numbers of fish, but i am hoping for a good run this year.

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